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What more could you want?

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More stuff from my sketchpage. A rough colour schematic of what Rosemary’s in-game portrait will look like (Going for a mostly cel-shaded look with a bit of softer shading here and there)

Then a portrait of Yoko Nakajima from Juuni Kokki because Yoko is a kickass empress and I have this thing for drawing badass queens. IDEK. Also Juuni Kokki is a rad series and everyone should watch it and give Rakushun ALL OF THE HUGS.


Third is ‘Manny being a very diplomatic Warden. And by diplomatic I mean being as annoying as fucking possible until people just give in and do as he says.

Also close proximity to mages can result in mage cooties. This is totally a thing that can happen.

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  3. combination-nc said: Aah, Yoko! Yoko is so awesome, that series is so awesome and Rakushun should have all the hugs. I think my favourite arc is the one with Suzu and Shoukei, I loved that one, specially in the books. Ahaha, mage cooties! A real thing. True story.
  4. dalishmarshmallow said: Oh my GOD. Manny’s posture in that picture is fucking FANTASTIC. I can only think about him draped over Theron that way now, you know? “I’m staying like this until you learn how to communicate :|” <33
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